Welcome to the Dental Hygiene Committee of CA
Dental Hygiene Committee of California

Welcome to the new Dental Hygiene Committee of California (DHCC) web site. We are proud and excited that DHCC is the first of its kind in the United States.

The DHCC will consist of nine members appointed by the Governor; four public members, one practicing dentist and four dental hygienists. The responsibilities of DHCC include issuing, reviewing, and revoking licenses as well as developing and administering examinations. Additional functions include adopting regulations, determining fees and continuing education requirements for all hygiene licensure categories.


BreEZe: Are you experiencing technical difficulties with the new BreEZe Licensing and Enforcement System? Contact the BreEZe Help Desk at (916) 557-1208 or BreEZe@dca.ca.gov with questions related to:

  • Registration
  • Password Resets
  • Account Unlocks
  • Linking licenses to your accounts
  • BreEZe Error Messages

Contact the Board/Bureau directly at (916) 263-1978 for all other questions.


Address of Record – the address of record (AOR) of all licensees is public information. Currently, it is viewable on the DHCC website; however, if you would like the AOR to be removed and not viewable, please send an email to our inbox at: www.dhccinfo@dca.ca.gov and include your full legal name, phone number, all dental hygiene license numbers, and a statement that you want your AOR removed from the website.

New BreEZe System Information

ATTENTION LICENSEES: License Renewal Information

License renewals are sent to the address of record 45-60 days in advance of your license expiration. Complete the license renewal application and renewal survey in full and check for accuracy and completeness. Any required items that are incomplete will delay the processing of your renewal. Once complete, send the license renewal, renewal survey, and check or money order payment in the appropriate amount all together, as separately sent items will delay the processing of your renewal and it will not update.

We suggest that you submit the items above immediately after receipt, as it can take 4-6 weeks to process your license renewal. If your license does not update, it is illegal to practice with an expired license and further action may be taken against you. It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid license to practice. You can check your license’s status on our Home Page of the website under the License Verification tab.

Thank you.

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: Application for licensure information

Please be sure to submit all required application items all at once to process your application. Any missing item(s) will result in your application being returned. Application information on our website can be found under the “Applicant” tab or in the “How to Become Licensed” link in the Quick Hits section on the Home Page.

Thank you.

DHCC 2014 Sunset Review Report to the Legislature

ATTENTION ALL LICENSEES - Important Requirement Information to All Licensees to Provide Notification to their Patients that they are Licensed by the DHCC

The DHCC now has a General Email Inbox to contact staff about any DHCC issues. Please submit your inquiries or issues to: dhccinfo@dca.ca.gov

Potential License Denial or Suspension for Failure to Pay Taxes

Online Renewal

At this time, dental hygiene licenses and permits cannot be renewed online.