Welcome to the Dental Hygiene Committee of CA

Registered Dental Hygienist Recorders

DHCC administers dental hygiene licensure examinations. Each examination uses actual RDH practitioners to conduct the actual grading of the examination.

RDH Examination - The RDH clinical examination is normally given in the Spring, Summer and the Fall. Persons who are referred to as "Recorders" are contracted by DHCC to assist Examiners during the examination process.

Once a person has successfully served as a Recorder for two or more years, they may be considered for possible appointment as a grading Examiner.

Interested persons can expect to be asked to record examiners findings at each examination in their area, which is normally one weekend in March, June, one weekend in July, and one weekend in October or November. Recorders are paid a minimum of $100 per day salary, and are paid per diem and travel expenses within certain State guidelines.

Interested persons must be current practitioners with one or more years of experience, and must complete and submit an Application in order to be considered.